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Ice Fishing Rods&Tackle/The Perfect Combination For Ice Fishing Equipment

Ice fishing is a fantastic sport for those fishermen that are willing to brave the cold weather and venture out into the ice. It is a type of fishing whereby small, lightweight ice fishing on are used to jig for the fish. It is also possible for the fisherman to use a tip-up rod during ice fishing. These ice fishing rods and reels are ideal for the fisherman that do not wish to completely attend to the rod.Berkley CE Ice Fishing Medium Rod & Reel Combo/Rod Length-24-inch/feature a 1 ball bearing drive reel mounted on an E-glass rod/1 piece rod and reel combo/Customer Reviews are 5 out of 5 stars/great for perch or smelt fishing/below 30 degrees it is better to use it in a shanty.

Anywhere in the World Ice Fishing Can Be Enjoyed

This activity is mostly enjoyed in Canada, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Finland, Germany and Latvia. However it is also enjoyed in the United States, by those people from Alaska as well as states around the Great Lakes and other areas whereby there are lakes with long and cold winters.

Ice Fishing Rod Box Red/Holds up to eight rods with space for tackle and tip ups/Notched foam padding securely holds rods/Dimensions: 36in x 10.2in x 5.2in/Strong snapping latches/Ice Fishing Rod Box is lockable for security/Customer Reviews 4 out of 5 stars-It also comes with two plastic utility boxes for jigs,and tackle . Overall, worth the asking price.Ice fishing is not,however,limited to the northern states and canada.It is possible to fish on any type of water, as long as it has a minimum of four inches of ice, in order for it to be fished safely. There are a variety of species that can be caught when ice fishing.

However The Most Common Fish Species Are:

  • Perch
  • Sunfish
  • Walleye
  • Northern pike
  • Trout
  • Crappie

Ice fishermen believe that as the fish have been caught from the cold and mostly clear water, that the fish taste better than at any other times of the year.

Red Hot Ice Fishing Rod Combo ultra-light action rod/24in long fiberglass ultra-light action rod/Premium EVA handle with rings/Includes an OPT-101R one-bearing reel with line/Customer Reviews 5 out of 5stars.

Before a fisherman may proceed ice fishing, he firstly needs to cut a hole in the ice with a saw, ice spade or auger.It is sometimes necessary to possess a strainer, which is used to remove new ice that may form whilst drilling the hole or whilst fishing. Depending on the species of fish that the fisherman wishes to catch, depends on the type of icefishing or a and ice fishing reels that are needed.Light Hot Stick Ice Rod and Reel Combo 24-Inch/extra-durable composite blank and comfort EVA grip-padded handle/Reel features 2 ball bearings for super-smooth cast/Reel features-Infinite anti-reverse- Multi-disc drag-Chrome-plated ABS spool- Sub-Zero lube for smooth operation in the coldest temperatures.

What's the Difference between Warm and Cold Fishing

The largest difference to be found between ice fishing and conventional fishing is the rod. A majority of conventional fishing rods are between 5 and 7 feet long, whereby ice fishing rods are generally 30 inches long or less, with the standard length being 24 inches.

Therefore,smaller ice fishing reels are required with less line capacity. If fishing for smaller species of fish such as panfish, then smaller models of ice fishing reels are necessary, which allows 1lb to 4lb test. If fishing for larger species, then ice fishing reels, which allows up to 10lb test are required. However, ice fishing has a general rule that, the lighter tackle you choose, the better and more fun the fishing will be.Extreme Ice Fishing Rod and Reel Combination/Features a 25in long fiberglass light action rod with premium EVA Corkalon handles with rings/OPT-101 with one ball bearing and pre-spooled with line.

Which Fishing Rod Is Best for Your Conditions

General ice fishing rods and reels are adequate for fishing in depths of 10 to 15 feet. However, if you wish to fish in deeper waters, it is advised to use a tip-up. This is a device which is placed over the hole in the ice, whereby there is a baited line uncoiled from a spool. This is lowered to the desired depth. Once a fish strikes the bait, a spring-loaded flag ‘tips-up’ which alerts the fisherman to the strike. The fisherman then proceeds to reel in the line and fights the fish by hand.

Staying warm is something which should be planned before venturing out to undertake a spot of ice fishing. The fish will certainly be frightened away by the sound of your chattering teeth!!

Be Prepared with Warm Clothing

It is essential for a fisherman to remember that the temperature on the ice is generally colder than air temperatures on land. Therefore always be prepared with:

  • Heavy coat with a hood
  • Wool shirt
  • Loose-fitting jeans or pants
  • Stocking cap
  • Warm gloves
  • Insulated pants
  • Long underwear
  • Wool socks
  • Insulated or fur-lined boots.

Premier Combo Ice Fishing Rod/Reel - 28in/Premier rod features solid carbon blank and stainless steel guides/front-drag ice spinning reel features an aluminum body and spool and 3 ball bearings.

Equipment You Need for Your Fishing Adventure

Safety is also a very large factor when ice fishing. As well as remembering your ice fishing and reels and all appropriate clothing, it is also essential for an ice fisherman to carry with him:

  • A life jacket, which should be worn at all times
  • Rope which is attached to ice picks in the event of a fall
  • A cell phone
  • If there is more than one fisherman present,then each fisherman should walk a short distance from each other, so that if one fisherman should fall, the others can get help.

Be Safe and Responsible with the Right Safety Plan When Ice Fishing

It is also advised to write a plan of your trip and leave it at home in case of emergency situations. And lastly, but certainly not least, it is important to remember that vehicles need a minimum of 8 inches to drive on safely. We here at want to supply you with information and resources so you have a great icefishing experience.

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