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Ice Fishing Depth Finders| Sonar Fish Detection&Timesaving Fish Finder

There were a lot of different techniques to estimate depth, but there is nothing like the new ice fishing depth finders. To think that sonar technology can now be carried around, in a floatable handheld device with an insignificant price tag; when just a few dozen years ago it required heavy equipment and large power supplies Well, it is for the best. And the benefits of ice fishing depth finders are great for finding the right spot to start your fishing.Depthmate Portable Sounder/pocket-sized Depth Sounder is the dependably accurate way to get 2ft-260ft depth readings to the nearest tenth/Backlit for easy viewing in low light/Measures 7 3/4 x 1 3/4in. Seighs only 10 ozs/Customer Reviews 5 out of 5 stars.

Instead of having to cut through the ice and then probe the lake depth, these sonic ice fishing depth finders work even through ice. You just need to press a button and it's done: you just need to look at the value shown on its digital display.4-Inch Waterproof Fishfinder and Dual-Beam Transducer/four-inch, four-level grayscale display with 160 x 128 pixel resolution/Dual-beam sonar with 200/83 kHz-800 watts PTP power output/Programmable fish and depth alarms/model comes with a soft-shell carrying case/Customer Reviews 3.9 out of 5 stars.

Some models even have side scanning fish detecting sonars, allowing you to easily find where fish are hiding. Some might consider it cheating, but I will leave that up to you.ICE MACHINE COLOR FISHFINDER/Portable Color Fishfinder/Plug-and-Play Ice Fishing is in The Bag/Enhanced, 3.5 in./8.9 cm TFT color screen, with 320V x 240-pixel resolution/Unique full-screen LCD flasher with adjustable colors and sensitivity/Full 200 kHz operation and 20° sonar coverage to 600 ft/183 m/Weatherproof soft-side pack.

Finding the Perfect Spot Couldn't Be Easier

There's no doubt digital technology can help you find the perfect ice fishing spot a lot faster and easier than ever before. But, that is its purpose, right? You want to fish on ice, not walk around all day looking for the spot with perfect ice thickness and depth.

Or else, you might risk wasting most of the day probing the lake depth, and when you finally found a good spot,it would be time to be heading back home. So, just take advantage of modern "ice fishing depth finder" technology, and press that button on the depth finder until you find the best fishing spot.

Ice Fishing Equipment| Ice Fishing Gear|Using Reliable,Sturdy Fishing Tackle for Catching Fish
Ice fishing is a very popular hobby for many people, when you are venturing on your first trip whatice fishing equipment should you take along? There are many different things that you should take and some might depend on if you are going alone or with others. One thing to keep in mind about your ice fishing equipment is to make sure that it is reliable and sturdy.

Ice Fishing Augers| Ice Fishing Equipment That Give You a Clean Cut through the Ice
No matter how you cut it,there would be no ice fishing without Ice Fishing Augers. Usually fishing does not have any obstacles between you and the fish youre trying to catch. However, when ice fishing you cant reach the fish unless you get past the ice.

Ice Fishing Tackle/The Best Ice Fishing gear a Fishermen could ever want
If you dont know what ice fishing tackle to buy, dont worry: no one learns to fish on ice on a single day. Usually, when you begin to consider ice fishing, youve already done some summer fishing before. If that is you case, congratulations,you have a head start

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